the fastest and safest way
to park your car and get to Barcelona airport

Finguer, parking aeropuerto de Barcelona

Finguer, park your problems and fly away

Your Booking

Can you imagine a finguer
from your park
lot to the airport?

Arriving at the airport, boarding your suitcase, passing all the controls, arriving at your boarding gate and praying very hard: “please, let it be boarding bridge (or finguer, as we call it here)“ And just the answer to this prayer is the difference between a trip starting amazing or starting just ok.

Now you can have this hallelujah feeling when you think about what to do with your car when you are going to catch a plane. Because when you hire Finguer, you park your problems and enjoy the trip a lot more.

We take care of your car
and all you care about is enjoying the trip.

At Finguer we have 3 types of service and fares:

Finguer Class

This is the option for those who want to get to their terminal in just 3 minutes. You arrive at Finguer, park your car and we’ll take you in our private vehicle to your terminal in just 3 minutes.

And when you return from your trip, just as fast.

And when you’re back from your trip, as soon as you leave the terminal, we’ll be waiting for you to take you back with your beloved car.
tu querido coche.



 Gold Finguer Class

This service is the one that James Bond himself would choose.

With the Gold Finguer Class you just have to take your car to the terminal that you have been assigned, (very important that you notify us 20 minutes before your arrival), give us the car keys and enjoy your trip. And on your return, same thing. We’ll be waiting for you with your car as soon as you leave your terminal.



Annual Finguer Class

This is Finguer's annual service.

With Annual Finguer Class you can enjoy a completely customized service and attention. Park your car as long and as many times as you want.

To book this service fully adapted to you, you must contact us at [email protected] to request your budget with no commitment.

* In either modality it’s essential to book 12 hours in advance, so we can have everything ready for when you leave and when you come back.

There will be a charge of 5 euros for each additional hour after midnight.